Monday, July 3, 2017

E-mail (Dated: 7/3/2017) WELL WOW ANOTHER TRANSFER!


Hello Family! So, we just had transfers and President wasn´t kidding when he said I would have another change here in Silao!

We had a good last week, though it was pouring rain and kind of refreshing, and other moments of heat that about killed us ha-ha.

So, this last week we visited a lot with less active members and with members and with some of our investigators.

This week we didn´t get the chance to teach many of our investigators just from not being able to find them and due to other circumstances, but we had a good week.

Some of the highlights I will share,

So on Saturday we had the baptism of Erick and that was a treat to be a part of. He is only 8 years old, but he was so excited to be baptized. We were there an hour before the baptism and he was just following me everywhere just so full of energy and excited to become a member. Then we got changed and had his baptism. I got into the water and helped him down into it and it was cold, not to mention it was raining on us too. And it all went well until I put him into the water and he had about a heart attack ha-ha, he was cold, and literally tried climbing up my arm, ha-ha so his whole body didn´t make it under so we had to do it again, but the second time the same thing happened, but also I guess my fingers weren´t all the way straight, so we did it a third time and so this time I decided to just push him a little deeper to make sure he would go under and then he popped up and smiling so big and then tried to run out of the water ha-ha. But after the service he gave me a big hug and then their family took us out to eat, its cool because we have grown close with this family.

Then on Sunday two things happened, one we got to confirm Erick a member and give him the holy ghost, and then in the third hour president was like now we are going to set Carlos our convert apart to be in the priests and to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Which then he said, Elder Harmon will you do it. Let me remind you I have not the greatest Spanish, and not only that but I don´t know how to do this ordinance, but I said Si no se preocupe, which is like yeah no worries ha-ha! And I will admit the first part was rough, but then I took a minute to breathe and then continued with the blessing and it went pretty good. Oh and also I gave another blessing to a member that morning who actually speaks English and Spanish so I gave it to him in English so that was cool!

Also, we met with Beatriz y Jose this week and that was good, I explain more in my voice recording about them, but Morales said he had a cool vision of us with them at their baptism and both of us in white, we are going to see if we can get them baptized this month.

We are doing good and we have a full week of appointments and we will finally be able to go see Francisco and some other people in Romita this week and we got a bunch of references so we are excited to see what happens. We are working well together and are excited to have another change together!

Love you all! My comp says HI!

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