Friday, May 4, 2018

Tracking Brandon's Flight

Brandon is Coming Home :)

Today we anticipate Elder Harmon's return. Here is a message we sent out to family and friends 2 days ago.
Hi Everyone,

We wanted to send out a quick note about Brandon and his status. A lot has transpired over the last 3 days. After fasting for Brandon this last week, the Lord has really opened hearts and inspired minds so that we can help Brandon with what he needs. We had a chance to speak with his mission president and his wife. We heard the tender mercy story of the inspiration they received during the time of the fast to send Brandon home for medical help. He has been quite close to the President and his wife. They have been very concerned about him due to his health. He has lost 30 lbs and the doctors do not know what to do. His president talked to us about his courage and his determination to fight even though the President feels like he should have come home 6 months ago. His mission president was relieved when this week, Brandon conceded and said, "Okay, I will go home."

Brandon has been so valiant. His grhas been been phenomenal. His love for the people is amazing. The mission president's wife talked to us about his beautiful mastery of the language and of his gentle heart that has won over the people of Mexico. They consider him their personal giant in more ways than one. They are going to miss him. His president told us that they know it will be very hard for him to come home because he loves his mission and he loves the people and does not want to go. While our heart aches that he is going through this experience, we understand that the Lord is in charge and that this is part of Brandon's journey.

We look forward to seeing him on Friday when he flies in. We will be working aggressively to get him the medical attention that he needs and are so grateful to each of you for your love and support. Our faith and prayers that have been looking for miracles on his mission will now turn to gratitude to have him home and that he can get the medical help to understand what is wrong and get him on the path to recovery. He has been out serving and giving everything he has. We look forward to now watching over and serving him.

In my last e-mail to him today, the words that resonate and are so tender to me are, "WELL DONE MY SON"

Please continue to keep him in your prayers that he can be properly diagnosed quickly, receive the medical attention that he needs, and that his spirit will be filled with joy and recognition for the good he has done, the courage he has demonstrated, and the sacrifice he has made to serve the Lord with everything he could possibly give.

We love you and thank you!

Monday, April 23, 2018


Are consequences a bad thing? As a kid I thought the word meant something bad in the near future was going to happen. It´s not. In fact it is the effect, result, or outcome of something that happened earlier. It can also be something good.

When you think about it, our fall into mortality to come to this earth was actually a consequence, but a good one. We have faced ¨consequences¨ from the beginning of time.
Throughout our lives we experience all sorts of these effects or outcomes from our decisions, and from the decisions of others. However, there is something very important, which is that sometimes we aren´t actually facing a consequence of an action or decision when a trial or tribulation passes. The fact is that sometimes they are just there. We through the fall of Adam will face mortal death, injury, heartache, and just about every other temporal effect of being mortal and on this earth.

As I have been out here on the mission I have been experiencing health problems. Enough to where I have been down in bed sick about once every two weeks. It was to have been solved after about 10 doctor visits already, but it seems to just be one of my trials. For some time I thought it may be a punishment or a consequence of something I had maybe done. Through much of my own personal prayer and reading of the scriptures, I have come to learn that it isn´t that. I am an imperfect person in an imperfect world just like everyone else and I am subject to not be perfect in this life.  I want to personally thank you all, for all the prayers and fasting. I have received enormous amounts of help. I am doing fine, I will be able to finish my mission, don´t you all go worrying. I´ll push it through strong. But I love you all immensely and thank you.

If there is something that I have learned, it is that a bit of a trial is no reason to throw in the towel. There is much work I can still do, and many that I still have to help. Something I have been able to notice is the wonderful consequences I have been able to see, like the blessing upon my family. Also, the amazing miracles I have been able to witness out here on my mission.

Might we all think a little more of the wonderful consequences that come from the actions we take, and might we all put a little more faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.

This last week we had some amazing luck with Dulce, she wants to be baptized and hear more. She has many doubts, but she said she has found answers through prayer and reading.

Laura is progressing and she is becoming better friends with those at church. She is also beginning to understand the plan of our Father.

Ramon is still attending and is beginning to pray out loud, that is a big step for him.

Now just look at these little consequences that I have been blessed to be a part of. All it took was an invitation, both literal and for the spirit to accompany us.

I hope you all had a great week. I love you all!

- Elder Harmon AKA SUPERMAN

Monday, April 9, 2018


I have been thinking a lot in this last week about what it is that I can do better. As I thought about it, I came across the thought of PATIENCE.

I often think of the temptations that we often have as humans to yell out, to argue, to offend. Which is darkness.

Normally these type of temptations lead to anger, and to feelings of hurt, and loss of respect.
We have them though, which means we have to learn to control them and replace them with light.

LIGHT - make (something) start burning; ignite.
LIGHT - provide with light or lighting; illuminate.

I found these two definitions of light, although there are many more these are those I´d like to use.

We have a duty as members and as children of God to use the light which we have been given and to provide this light for those around us. This we can do through kind words, through service, maybe even a smile, and definitely through the gospel.

As I have gone throughout my life I will admit, I have fallen into temptations, to be honest, I do it daily. However, also about every day I have the opportunity to share light.

What I have seen that normally makes the difference is how much patience we have one with another.

Might we all work to have a little more patience and bring in the light and put out the darkness that seems to trap so many of us.
This week we had some luck and some hard things.
Thursday, we went by someone that we found in our area book. This is probably the 300th person that we visited in about three weeks with no luck. However, she answered us and accepted us to come back and visit. Which we did and she let us in. We taught the restoration and she has accepted to read the Book of Mormon and also to have us come back, which we will do this Thursday.

Also, we passed by with Ramon. He is an older gentleman and he has been an investigator for about 35 years, his wife is a member. We have found out that the other missionaries haven´t taught him super well and were very forceful in their teaching and commitments. We decided to start over and help him understand and to be able to obtain a testimony. He agreed and he also agreed to a baptism date for the 28th of April. He reminds me a lot of Francisco! I hope we can get through to him.

However, Cristina, Mari, and Ayde told us they don´t want anything anymore. But they would like that we visit them and still teach them, but they want to stay Catholics. That was difficult. It took a lot to be able to stay happy and to be able to say that it´s okay and that we would be happy to just come pass by and visit from here and there.

This week we experienced miracles and also rejections. That is mission work for you.

But the important thing is to keep on going with light and to have patience, especially for those that do not understand the wonderful plan that we have been given.

I love you all!

Have a great week!
-Elder Harmon