Monday, July 24, 2017

E-mail (Dated: 7/24/2017)

Wow, can you believe it all Fam??? I have 6 months into the mission. Those returned missionaries weren´t lying when they recommended grasping every moment because time is like nothing when you´re in the service of the Lord.

Well, this last week was great. I will admit that Tuesday was tough because I got really sick, but I received a blessing and now I feel so so much better and was able to work the whole week with no further issues.

On Wednesday we had a full schedule and things were going pretty good. A lot of time this week was spent trying to get our appointments follow through. Even though some did not, the ones that we did were great appointments.

We met with the Sanchez family I told you all about last week. They were really receptive and we taught the Restoration. They all were involved in the lesson and it was great. The spirit filled the air and we got to know them much better. It was just amazing. They have six people in the family,  five are above the age of 8, so that means we have five new investigators and they will progress. We have another appointment with them on Wednesday at 12:30 and it should be great. Their oldest son is very engaged and he always gives heart felt answers. Also, he is 6 feet tall!! So funny to see someone that is closer to my height haha.

We also passed by Beatriz and Jose. They had agreed to come to church and we actually passed by in the morning to get them, but they said they weren´t there. However, we know she was. All we can do is continue to show love and keep trying.

Francisco is still wanting the 5th, so just two more weeks. This week we will go by again on Thursday to check in, but all is good and we can see his faith growing and he is losing his fear of sharing the gospel and his testimony. It is so cool to see. He will be a strong convert.

Also, yesterday I gave a talk in church! Yeah, another one! I had my companion record it so that you guys could listen, he said it went well and it was about ten minutes and I think it was good as well.

Oh, last thing, we met with President and had interviews. I like how my relationship is with him, I can tell him exactly how I feel and my challenges and he gives me great advice, I also just met an older couple who are serving here. They are from Ogden Utah and I swear I know them but as I talked with them, we couldn´t find any immediate connection. Their names are Elder and Hermana Beus! Also, presidente says that I am going to have a big change this transfer so we will see where I go!

Anyways we are doing good and I love the mission! Thanks for all of your love and support!

Audio Letter

Sacrament Meeting Talk

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