Wednesday, July 19, 2017

E-mail (Dated: 7/17/2017) Rainy Week but the Sun is still shining!

Hey you all! Haha so I´m sad to say not a whole lot happened but I will describe this week my best!

So on Tuesday after our district meeting we went back to Silao and my comp got really sick, like he broke into high fever, and stomach pain and headache. So right away I gave him a blessing, in Spanish which was my first one for someone that is sick and doing both parts. Then I loaded him up on medications to help him, ha-ha, I played doctor a bit. but what is funny is that night he started hallucinating. He was seeing Chinese people in the room and was talking to them ha-ha, so funny. We woke up the next day and he was about the same. Then we come to Thursday and I started feeling sick so we had us both down in bed, but I was only stomach pain and the fun that comes with that.

Then thank goodness on the night of Thursday we left for an appointment with Francisco. He was so funny. He had chairs and a table set up for us in his garage and a drink there for us and this has never happened. We then just talked about his doubts and his questions which were all pretty basic. Like what music we can listen to, if we can go to parties and if we can sell coke, because these are his hobbies, and his work because he owns a little store for drinks ha-ha. He is prepared and ready for baptism. We will go back this week to visit with him. Also, on Sunday, I just got to talk to him for about an hour and just get to know him better and that was really cool.

Then we were going back home and were walking and we saw a ton of people in the streets and so we went to see what was going on and it was a parade and so I took a few pictures and will send those to you guys! There are some of these luchadores singing and I took a picture and you will see that he points at us and yells in the microphone [Elderes] and so that was funny.

We also went to our other appointments on Saturday and Sunday with those new families that we found but they weren´t able to meet those days, so we didn´t have much success that week, but we have a lot of appointments this week, so pray for our health!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to just teach solo two families while my comp sat listening. It was just about 10 to 15 minutes but it was cool just to be able to talk and get them involved and after which we had a great discussion. We hope to do that more often and to visit with less active families.

Now, today we are feeling good and we made some yummy breakfast burritos and then went and played soccer and it was just a good P-day. So, a good start off to the week and we hope to keep it that way.

Love you all! Les Amo y siempre según con fe

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