Monday, July 10, 2017

E-mail (Dated: 7/10/2017) God Puts People in your Path

Hey, Family!

So very good week, I´m just going to give some of the highlights!

So first off with Beatriz and Jose. We have been working with them for over a month now and they have been so good to receive us and to read and pray, but they have not been coming to church. But they did invite us to go to the graduation of Jose and to eat with them on the 18th of this month. We are hoping that before then and after, we can get them to attend church and to put their baptism dates for the 12th of the next month!

We have Silvia the cousin of a member as an investigator again! I don´t know if you remember her, but she was an investigator, and actually one of my first that had accepted the invitation to baptism, but things didn´t work out. . .but now she wants to be taught again!

A few other things. So this week we contacted a ton and got a lot of future investigators. We also got five new ones. Named Siliva, Richardo, Jesus, Carlos, and Porfilio so that is awesome! We hope to help them, they are all interested and looking to progress. Also, we have some futures for this week that want us to teach them and we should be able to work with them! We are excited for that!

We also got stopped by a bunch of drunk people with the name Morales, and quite literally that was the name of all of them. They were saying things like "you guys are our brothers, you guys are changing things here, much respect for you guys" and my favorite, "you guys are bringing things here that nobody else can." Hahaha, just kind of funny.

We also passed by a car show of Volkswagon which was in the Centro so I will send some of my quick pictures of that. The cars had a bit of a Mexican flavor and were pretty fun to see.

We also went to go pass by and buy ice cream and horchata one day with one of my contacts who speaks English and a man that works next door. I started talking to them and by the end he learned a bit about us and vice versa. He actually offered to pay for our ice cream haha. These are just some tender little moments.

Now, about our new investigators. One is actually Hombre Tortilla that I told you guys about awhile ago. We pass by once in a while and he just loves to talk to me in English and for awhile I had been trying to sneak little lessons and teachings in but it hasn´t worked. However, just the other day, he kind of just said he wanted to know some things about our church. So, I started teaching him what he wanted to know, haha I tell more in my voice recording.

As for Richardo, we were in the Centro one day and he called us over and asked us a few questions and we quickly learned that he is Christian and has been interested in talking and learning more from us. It was cool because we thought he was going to ridicule us or something. Instead, he talked about how important family is to him and the scriptures, so he asked if we could talk more.

Just a couple more things. So Francisco....................... he has a baptism date!!!!!! We went by this last week and talked with him and just talked about the priesthood and talked about wanting him to be able to receive that blessing and gift, but how first we would like to prepare him for baptism and we said we have two dates to put down as goals. In that moment he stopped us and said no, I want to be baptized in August, so we put the date 12th of August down. But then on Sunday, he pulled us aside and wanted to talk about his baptism. We thought he was going to say something like he was not feeling ready, but no....get this....he wants to change it to the 5th!  How cool is that????!!! I thought it was pretty amazing and so we are hoping and praying for that!

Just some cool moments and we have learned how we are all really just in God's time he will prepare people, but He will also put people in our path when they are ready!!!

I love you all and praying for you all always!



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