Monday, August 7, 2017

E-mail (Dated: 8/7/2017) SO GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?! FRANCISCO WAS BAPTIZED!


I want to focus on Francisco's baptism for the first part of my message. We got up Saturday morning and got some stuff done and then at about 12:45 we went to the church to get it ready for Francisco's baptism. Once it was all clean we went to fill up the font, but no water came out. We searched and searched for ways to find out what was going on. Turns out the tanks were empty and the tank also was having some issues so it wasn´t filling up all the way. So, we literally found buckets and ropé and used the tank as kind of a well. We fished out the water and dragged it to the font. We did this for about one and a half hours and then we got news that the member assigned to pick up Francisco could no longer go pick him up, and he lives 45 minutes away. On top of that, it started pouring rain and the baptismal clothing was up on our roof drying after I had washed them:( So, we were just facing all sorts of odds and the water was still was very low in the font.

I decided to call President Williamson and asked if he was close enough to help. He said he was. He picked me up and we went together to get Francisco and my companion stayed with the President's son and friend to finish filling the font. When we arrived to pick up Francisco, he was there waiting for me. We got him in the car and I got to just talk to him one-on-one for about an hour and then we arrived and had the service. We had two great talks by Hno Pachico and President Williamson. I will be honest, when President started talking, I started tearing up because he started talking about how proud he was to see Francisco be baptized and how long we have all been waiting. I have 6 months here about in Silao and Francisco was my first investigator. I´ve never given up on him and I´ve prayed day and night for him over these last few months. When he entered the water and I pulled him out it was truly amazing. He was glowing and was so happy. At the end, he bore his testimony for the first time and it was just so cool to see the change from this first time that I arrived. You all should´ve seen him when he entered into the church yesterday. He was walking like a new man and the first thing he asked us is to how to pay his tithing. I know he will be a strong convert and I am so happy for him and so honored that I was able to be here and to perform the ordinance. I truly feel blessed.

Last week we visited a lot with the members. Those who have been less active and some with investigators but more with members. You know, I am going to miss Silao. I have a connection with the people here and I feel so blessed to know them all. This is my last week here and I know part of my heart will stay.

I went to the doctor in Queretaro and I have parasites and I got prescribed some medication so I hope to start to improve, but I´m good and I love you all!

Hang on to hope and remember if you have faith and are diligent and you trust in the Lord, quite literally anything is possible!

Love you all

Elder Harmon

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